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Vacuum Repair is an audio experience of rose-tinted Venice beach vibes: all sand and sun. The surf influence and analog recordings are reminiscent of mid-60s sounds but with a modern electro-indie/folk twist, Vacuum Repair constructs time-traveling tuneage.



-ZACH ZULCH, Almost Real Things


Vacuum Repair is an electro-acoustic psychedelic act from Austin, Texas, with a new self-titled album that offers seven tracks of atmospheric and melodic charm. The opening track, “Mariokart,” rides on surf-y guitar twangs that emit a lovable lushness, while “Gnarly Charlie” plays with a twinkling synth-laden refrain over nonchalant vocals and guitar murmurs. Meanwhile, “Beach Trip” evolves from calm oceanic sounds into a track with building distortion and rhythmic involvement. With these tracks serving as highlights and exemplary of the project’s psych-friendly and atmospheric charm, it doesn’t take much to get engrossed by this promising act.



-Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

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